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Vessel Anatomy Flipbook
Case Study – WavelinQ™ EndoAVF Creation Prior to Hemodialysis Initiation
James Taylor’s Patient Story
CPT Code Reimbursement Onesheet
Screening and Procedure FAQ
Cannulation Training Video
Cannulation Motion Graphic
Christine’s EndoAVF Story
Patient Brochure
Cannulation Inservice
Cannulation Diagram (Left Arm)
Cannulation Diagram (Right Arm)
Cannulation FAQ
Cannulation Wall Chart
Cannulation Training (video)
Christine’s EndoAVF Story: Extended
Christine’s EndoAVF Story: Condensed
WavelinQ™ Experience at St. Mary’s Health
Patient Brochure
Reimbursement Hotline Card
Post-Creation Ultrasound Assessment Sheet
Vessel Mapping Onesheet
Vessel Map Training: Post-Maturation Protocol Recommendations
Vessel Map Training: Summary
Vessel Map Training: Assessing Access Options
Vessel Map Training: Assess Creation Sites
Vessel Map Training: Arterial Inflow
Vessel Map Training: Identifying Flow Dominance
Vessel Map Training: How to Find the Perforator
Vessel Map Training: Venous Outflow
Vessel Map Training: Who is a Candidate
Vessel Map Training: AVF Creation
Vessel Map Training: Intro
Global Data Analysis
Percutaneous Dialysis Access
Procedural Animation
Procedure Guide

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