High Procedure Technical Success & Patency


97% Procedure technical success

Procedure Success

Procedural Success: was defined as the successful creation of an endoAVF with blood flow confirmed intraoperatively by fistulography or postoperative duplex ultrasonography.


Primary Patency at 6 months: 72.4% (±5.2%)

The interval from the time of access placement until any intervention designed to maintain or reestablish patency, access thrombosis, access abandonment, or the time of measurement of patency.

Secondary Patency at 6 months: 77.3% (±5%)

The interval from the time of access placement until access abandonment, lost to thrombosis, or the time of patency measurement including intervening manipulations (surgical or endovascular interventions) designed to reestablish functionality in thrombosed access.


Primary, Assisted Primary, and Secondary Patency: were defined according to the Society of Vascular Surgery (SVS) reporting standards. Rates were determined using the K-M point estimates at month 6. The SVS reporting standards advocate K-M curves to estimate patency.

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